context: Pekarek Dental Care Houses

team: Radim Pekarek, Veronika Siklova

year: 2015 

This project required to develop and test a digital service with the aim to promote overall oral health and dental hygiene at primary schools in Prague. The solution involved co-creation of designers, media artists, musicians, actors, instructor, doctors, dental hygienist and last but not least teachers from more than 100 schools.


The oral health is recognised as essential to general health and quality of life. Even though, according to WHO, it becomes one of the major global health challenge. In the Czech Republic,  40 - 59% of 12 years-old children on average have caries. To compare with Denmark (20-40%) and the United Kingdom (20-40%), the state of teeth in the Czech Republic is below the European standard. 

How might we encourage children to develop a better attitude towards their oral health? And how can be new technologies employed to facilitate this process? 


The service was built around a few digital games with a modern design, which attracts schoolchildren. These unique games were designed for play on tablets. The preventive program offered a great opportunity to have fun and also learn about the proper procedure of dental care.

Our team designed three different programs for school children between 6-9 years-old-group, 9-12 years-old group, and 12-15 years-old group. These games differ in visual style and in difficulties. Each game contains a set of quizzes, which test the knowledge in the fields of dental hygiene, overall oral health, and prevention of sports harms. The program, and the games as well, are designed for the development of the further topic, which related to health.   With our team of instructors, we played the game with more than 4,000 children. 


Each game contains a scoring system which enables to play against each other children in the classroom, compete between classes and even schools. Furthermore, this scoring system helps us to collect results of children performance which is useful in order to access the progress in learning of children.