Bridging university students with local small and medium businesses and organizations

Role: Co-Founder / Event manager

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In 2015, Pilsen become the European City of Culture (EHMK2015). Two years before that happened, me and two friends of mine came up wit an idea to found a NGO organisation with the mission to facilitate communication between the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Art and Design and local creative industries in order to support the project EHMK2015. These days, the faculty went through many organisational changes which made it inflexible and unable to respond quickly to demand for artists and designers in the city.

In April 2013, the organisation was founded by seven faculty's students and I was elected as its president. Also, I was responsible for design and project management of most of the related projects and overall strategy. KYCN was active in the time period between 2013 and 2018.


Kycn is a kitchen of art and design, a place where creatives can meet up with their potential employers and clients. The mission was to create and sustain an environment suitable for independent and creative thinking. In order to achieve that, we were opening various kitchens at various places.

Kycn took a form of a gallery constructed from ISO containers, a co-working space in an old train station, or as an office in a creative centrum DEPO2015. There were many other activities related to the studios, but the central point was to develop a network of organisations and companies and help them to connect with our designers and artists.

2013: KYCN + K SVETU

2014: KYCN + JOHAN

2015: KYCN + DEPO2015



The first time period: facilitating culture in Pilsen: In the time period 2012 and 2015, the main focus of the organisation was to support EHMK2015. From this reason, KYCN was producing art and design festivals, workshops and exhibitions.

The second time period: focus on industry partners: Between the 2015 and 2018, the focus changed. Kycn started partnership with multiple suppliers and wholesalers from food and beverage industry. 


There were many related events organised by us or our members. The main and most successful activities were Kycn Sesn and Kycn Kuuk.


Sesn is a crowdfunding event with the purpose to promote and financially motivate early creative ideas. Students had the opportunity to pitch their ideas for public audience. The best pitch was awarded by all money collected from the event's tickets.

Kuuk is a workshop with the purpose to build a bridge between students of art and design and food industry. We did training for students in disciplines of packaging design and branding. This workshop aimed to combine people from design and food industry. Together we came products to life. Teams of student worked together on innovating packages of goods and beverages. The companies involved benefited from large scale of ideas made by students. 





Radim Pekarek / co-founder

Lenka Zahorkova / co- founder

Ondrej Lalak / co - founder

Sara Milleson / project manager

Anastasia Vrublevska / Branding 

Lucie Flekova / project coordinator

Lenka Pavlikova / product designer

Vit Trunec / multimedia designer, project manager

Olga Teslyuk / motion designer

Karolina Tumova / graphic designer

Sarka Walterova / project coordinator




Design for family resilience with Bounce Works

The goal was to research and help the Bounce Works to develop a prototype of a digital service that would allow parents to help their children build emotional resilience, drawing on some of the lessons from change behaviour theories.