Service design is different from design of tangible objects. It is about creating and orchestrating complicated systems in the way that everyone understands what is happening. The most important principle is the focus on the end user. We are looking on services from their perspective. But, who are the users? Those are not only customers, patients, or clients. These are also employees, partners, and business owners.

The process of service design starts with building empathy with those, for whom we are designing for. That means ethnographic research. At this stage, it is important to understand deeper motivations and desires – not only what people say. Analysing the user journey through a service is an important moment. Our task is to understand where the main pain points take place. The last but not least step is to ideate and prototype tangible and intangible touchpoint in order to guide the user through the service.

Service design is a “discussion” between a designer and stakeholders of a project, company or organisation. It is a process, where we constantly learn from the user's responses. 


Why is service design so important? The world is complicated. It seems, that we are entering a new era of humankind. The technological progress which took place over that last ten years brings us many progressive products and services. The expanding technologies cause a huge transformation in every aspect of our life. Nowadays, machine learning is on top. It is impossible to get loose because the location-based services are everywhere in our mobiles, computers, cars and even clothes. Big data are very important assets. Big companies own our personal data and they can predict what we want to do. Companies understand many things about our life.


We need service designers to help companies, organisations and government to get orientation in this complicated world. There is an increasing need to build empathy for other people because they are not just a bunch of data. This world requires multidisciplinary collaboration and service designer are great facilitators of change and communication. There is a high need for innovation of services, business models and governments.

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