My Albert, digital loyalty programe

Context: Creative Dock
Client: Albert 
Role: UX/UI Designer

"Radim knows his way around User Experience and is able to solve complex problems in the field. Kudos for keeping the focus on the end users and finding ways to do customer research and validate design decisions with real people. Keep on with you holistic approach to design and striving for perfection."

— Andrey Skripnikov, Product innovation specialist and Product owner at Creative Dock

This case study tells the storry of how I helped the Creative Dock to design a digital loyalty programe for their client Albert Supermarkets. The following presentations shows my approach to solve the user experience challenge with we faced during the product development phase.

Albert, eating better pay off...

Even though, discounted beer and sousages on the cover of Albert printed magazines sells more than very well, the Alber't CMO realized, that the future is about to become a trustfull and responsible brand to people. That's the reason why she runs a transformation of Albert marketing strategy. The core principle is to promote Albert's key products, the proofs of good quality products. Albert wants to show to Czech peolpe, that eating better is approachable. The new digital loyalty program whould be one of these proofs which will show to people better alternatives of their favorit grocery products. 

To learn more about Albert marketing strategy play this video:


The innovation team handovered this product proposition to me...

The only app that helps you step-by-step with entire transition to better eating. It means not only initial inspiration, advice or smart planning, but also availability, curation and smart shopping of food in my store. For all families and urban consumers who believes that food matters during a movement to better eating.


Features sorted horizontally by customer needs and vertically by user journey.

I proposed a four weeks long design sprint

The innovation process which I proposed was based on the double diamond model. The first stage was exploeratory, the second one was about defining the UX model, than testing the propositions and presentation to the Albert CMO. Than we fouces on the delivery of UX/UI designs and development.

User Research: Card Sorting (The task: Orginize features of an app from proposed features)

Online Pannel: What do you expect from an app of your favorit supermarket?

Definning the Hook

Prototyping and wireframes


Final design


Exploring the transition to a plant-base diet

This project was conducted in the context of a cross-platform research project of the Royal College of Art with Telefonica Alpha to explore future service visions on health and happiness.

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